This newsletter will be mostly dedicated to my homeland – Poland. I will start with a photo taken in Mirow, a castle in the south of Poland.

The history of the castle dates back to the 14th century when it was constructed as part of a defensive network along Poland’s southern border. I took that image a couple of years ago and I will never be able to take this photo again. The castle is being renovated and soon it will no longer be just the ruins of the former building. I’m not worried about that though. We have over 500 castles here in Poland.

I recently learned that Poland is more and more often visited by foreign tourists. I’m not surprised. Poland is a beautiful country. We have high mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful wild forests. The weather is still mild. Our summers are not as hot as the south of Europe. And the winters are getting warmer. We are not yet feeling climate change as much as other countries in the world. I recommend this short video about Poland.

POLAND IN 2023: Why Everyone Is Talking About Poland! | 44 Facts You Didn’t Know

Photography Workshop in Poland:

I’m back to organizing group workshops that were going great before the pandemic, but the pandemic stopped them. This is a last minute proposal, because I have only decided that I will do it still this year. You can join at a good price and certainly in a small group as few people can decide to come in just 4 weeks.

The next edition will be only in Autumn 2024. With a different price and in a larger group. More details and pictures on my website at this link

Poland Workshops

Registration closes on September 20.

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