Treasures of Iceland

The land of severe nature with hot springs, geysers, huge waterfalls and spectacular volcanoes. One can stand there surrounded by the unique landscape, different than in any other parts of Europe. The central part of the island is usually dark and inhospitable where the sky is often covered with black clouds. The shore is full of light reflected in the monumental waterfalls and icebergs.

The collection consists of photographs created in 2013

Scottish reflections

Most of the time surrounding fog prevents from taking the picture. Difficult weather that require patience. Endless waiting for the single ray of light. Sometimes brief moments of cloudy sky reflected in the lakes and springs. The land for people that are not discouraged easily. The land that causes frustration but at the same time gives huge satisfaction with every picture taken.

The collection consists of photographs created in 2012

Dolomites in the Clouds

The majestic mountains, wild and beautiful. Part of the Limestone Alps and UNESCO Word Heritage Site. The rays of the rising sun highlight the sharp peaks. The patterns created by the Nature are visible only through the clouds. The famous sites, all well-known from the winter days, look so different when there is still some time to ski season. One can sense now the tranquility and wisdom of the old mountains’ souls.

The collection consists of photographs created in 2010

Silence in Tuscany

Tuscany always was an inspiration for poets, painters and other artists. Tradition is closed in every piece of that ground and in every chapel standing by the footpaths. During the summer the tiny towns are full of italian joy and delight of tourists. With the beginning of Autumn everything changes and the land becomes calm and quiet. At sunrise mist and light over an empty fields paints an unforgettable landscapes.

The collection consists of photographs created in 2012-2013