I wish you a very Happy New Year. Hope it will be full of photography challenges!

January is a month of planning. I would like to visit many places this year. I’m happy that I already have some bookings to my bestseller locations. I like going back to Slovenia or Italy with my students. But I would also like to see new places – my creativity needs that.

Planning a photography tour is a bit different from traditional holiday planning. When most of the people in Europe travel in July/August – photographers can stay at home 😉 There are too many people, is too expensive and (with climate changes) also too hot.


Unless you travel north. Iceland or Norway – where the day is long, but the sun is not too strong. And the weather is just perfect. In the picture above there is Iceland in June.

Meanwhile I have already planned a mini trip for the beginning of the New Year. I’m visiting Rügen in Germany this week. It is my first visit to the island. Will I find something interesting there? I will let you know soon with backstage photos.


When planning a photography trip always take into consideration day length. It is different depending on the time of the year and place.

Let’s assume that you want to take pictures during sunrise and sunset in Tuscany. In summer sunrise is before 5 am. And then you are going to have a very long day, as the sunset is after 9pm. But despite the long day, time for photography is short – during the day the sun is too strong to get some subjects.

This is one of the reasons why I would definitely choose April or October to visit Tuscany

Did you already make plans for 2023? I can help you with your photography goals. Write me a message and let’s find workshops or classes that suit you best.

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