Do you know how long I worked on my previous MacBook Pro? Over 10 years.

This photo below is postprocessed on the one I’ve just bought. Because I had to. Let me explain.

I care about the environment and try to buy only what I really need. I’m not trying to have the newest camera, lenses or other equipment. As long as my old one does the job – I’m fine with it.

I worked on my Mac for over 10 years. For the last two years I had a feeling that the time for a change is coming. With each new version of Lightroom it was more and more challenging to work. With each new camera bought by my students or customers it was more or more difficult to postprocess their heavy files.

That day has finally come. Newest Lightroom couldn’t be installed on the previous MacBook Pro any more. I bought a new one. It is very refreshing. My work is much easier now. And faster.

The picture above is postprocessed on the new computer. I took this image some time back during workshops in Dolomites. Now I’m going to work on my newest pictures from Abruzzo, Italy. You will see them on my Facebook and Instagram soon.

TIP for photographers:

If you are not satisfied with your work – don’t buy the newest equipment. Usually the knowledge is what you miss, not the newest camera.

Knowledge of how to use what you already have.

It is important to learn how to take pictures. But is also very important to learn how to postprocess the images. You need to know what to do to prepare your images for Internet and for printing.

I still have some free dates in 2023 for individual workshops. I especially recommend Italy in April 2023. Not too hot, not too many people, beautiful views. I have around one week left that I can spend with you in Abruzzo, Tuscany or Dolomites. If you are interested – please send me a message and I will share the details.

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