Main theme of this newsletter is the image from Tuscany with the small town called Pitigliano.

I created this photo in 2013

Pitigliano is the major center of a tuff area. Maybe not as popular as other famous cities in Tuscany, but for the photographer is worth visiting.

I like small villages and towns like that one. Outside main tourists’ paths.

I find there what I’m looking for my photography – tranquility and coexistence with the nature around.


I usually use advantages of sunrise or sunset light. But from time to time, I take my photos also during the day. Bad weather condition and heavy clouds – they support B&W vision

If you want to visit Tuscany with me and create images in the famous places for photographers (B&W or color) – just let me know.

I have open registration for individual trips in 2023. It is enough to answer this e-mail. I will send you all the details.

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