Mountain churches are more than just places of worship. They are captivating symbols of human faith and resilience. Architectural marvels, often perched in remote and picturesque locations.

The image from today was captured among snow-capped peaks of the Alps in Slovenia. This is the type of architecture images that I like. Harmonized with its surroundings, inspiring, giving a spiritual experience. The same meaning has a small town in Tuscany or Abruzzo, ruins of the castles, monasteries in the mountains.

My friend recently proposed that we could go for a photography session to Berlin in August. But I don’t feel that is something I would like to do. Although I like images of modern architecture done by other photographers. Skyscrapers, glass, steel – that looks very good, especially on B&W. I do this kind of project with my students.

My own projects are different. I don’t like the atmosphere of the metropolises. They don’t give me the feeling of tranquility that I require. I don’t like crowded and noisy places. I need to concentrate.

Lesson learned:

Get to know yourself and what you want to show and experience while photographing. Today I am sure what I want to do and what kind of emotions to evoke.

At the beginning of my journey I photographed everything: mountains, butterflies, weddings and models. It was an important stage and taught me a lot.

None of these types of photography was better or worse. Some were just not for me. We are different people and we have different needs and talents. Just find yours.

What’s new?

I still have some places for the autumn edition of Workshops in Europe. You can choose from Tuscany, Abruzzo, Dolomites, Slovenia, Poland or Moravia.

We can photograph in B&W or capture beautiful autumn colors. Write if you think it is something for you. I will help you decide which one to choose. You can also find more about it on my

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