I hope this newsletter finds you well and filled with artistic inspiration. We have now beautiful late spring time in Europe. For this newsletter I chose this image of South Moravia.

Do you know this region? Is very popular among photographers for several reasons. The landscape of South Moravia is often compared to Tuscany. You will find similar rolling hills, vineyards and picturesque countryside. I would position it as an attractive alternative for photographers.

As I live in Poland, the Czech Republic is much closer for me than Tuscany. But the reason I chose this picture for the newsletter is that it is not a new image. I did it a couple years ago. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with the results. I had not decided to publish this image back then. Now I went back with it to my digital darkroom. And I managed to turn this into the one that I really like.

Lesson learned:

Keep the images. Even if it is not perfect. Your post-processing skills will improve in the future. Technology will change. One day your not perfect image can become something special.

What’s new?

I have just returned from a week’s stay in the mountains in Poland. I am delighted and proud to live in such a beautiful country. Although I see many wonderful landscapes in Europe – Poland still impresses me.

I managed to organize my educational proposal for online classes and individual workshops on the website. Also trips to Moravia and Poland. Now, finally, everything that I offer for individuals is there. If you think this is something for you – check it out at this link:

Print of the Month

In June 2023 I will apply the special price to the South Moravia image you see at the beginning of this newsletter. You can always find the Print of the Month on my website.

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