Do you remember the days when photography wasn’t digital? After the expedition or holidays, photos were brought back and only then it was clear whether the expedition was a photographic success.

I had a chance to work like this 🙂 But I like progress and modernity. I quickly moved to digital photography and appreciate the advantages of the digital darkroom.

There is one thing that was natural back then, and now you have to take care of it. Printing. I don’t want the result of my work to be just a picture on a computer screen. Paper. Framed and viewed on the wall.

The photo above is from my first significant exhibition. It was in an interesting place, in interesting company, with a wonderful audience. I presented 30 pictures from Dolomies. And what I heard about my work stayed with me to this day.

I like going to exhibitions myself. Watching a well-thought-out, coherent collection gives me a lot of pleasure and inspiration. I feel similar emotions when I discover the new album of a famous photographer.

It’s a completely different emotion than scrolling through photos on Instagram or Facebook on the small mobile screen. Where cute kitties mix with adverts and really thoughtful photos of very talented people.

Lesson learned:

Just start printing. Show your work not only on Social Media. Create albums, exhibitions and prints. Take care of viewing conditions.

Your social media portfolio can disappear in a minute. I recently experienced the effects of a ban. The algorithm decided that too many people saw one of my posts. It’s a very sad feeling when suddenly your portfolio disappears from space.

Make sure it’s not the only place where your photos can be seen.

What’s new?

I’m currently in Abruzzo, Italy. I am enjoying the spring sun (in my country – Poland –  it has just snowed again) and I am working with one of my clients. We are taking pictures and doing some lightroom classes.

I’ve recently managed to add a collection of photos from previous visits, you can find it here:


I still have a few dates for individual workshops in 2023. If you think this is something for you – let me know. We will work out the details.

I already wrote in the previous newsletter that I started selling photos in the Print of the Month model. In April it will be this photo from Abruzzo.

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