October 26th 2015

Autumn is a very intensive season with a lot of workshops which I run in Poland in Tatra and Pieniny mountains. Very good light and morning mists create very attractive compositions for landscape photographers. I found some new interesting viewpoints this year. During next workshop editions we will explore these locations with participants. The photo below was taken during one of the misty morning in the Pieniny mountains.

August 11th 2015

This is my brand new photo from Greece. There is a negative political atmosphere around Greece today – but I really like this country and people there. I spent some time in Zagori, mountainous region on the north of Greece. It is not so well known as Greek Islands, so there are not so many tourists. I’m preparing a new gallery from Greece. It will be here soon.

June 10th 2015

It’s been over a year since my last post here. It was very busy year! Now it is time to come back and show you some effects of my work. The most time consuming part were of course travelling. I took a lot of photos and prepared some new workshops. I will tell you more about that soon. Today one of the photos taken in Slovenia. The more I know that country the more I like it. It is small, but there are hundreds of interesting locations for photographers.

May 20th 2014

Some of my photos from Dolomites are now available in the “Dolomiti Photo – the great photographers of the Dolomites”. This book was released by the italian editor ViviDolomiti under the patronage of the Dolomites UNESCO Foundation. More about the book on the Book page.

March 24th 2014

After a long break I’m back with a new page and some new photos. As I decided to focus on B&W photography I had to redesign my webpage. The new one is much simpler, bright and easier to navigate. Please enjoy new design and visit my brand new gallery from Iceland. After an exhibition its the first time when I’m presenting these images. Click here to visit: Iceland gallery

September 8th 2013

My new exhibition with Island photographs is ready. Pictures presented on the exhibition were not yet published on my webpage. You can visit Smolna Gallery in Rybnik from 6th September till 31st October. The whole exhibition consists of 30 photographs – in Smolna gallery you can see part of the exhibition. I plan to show that exhibition in different cities as well, I will write more about it soon.

August 19th 2013

Today photo from Tatra Mountains. I planned to take photo of that shepherds’ house for a long time. Unfortunately always the weather, clouds and air transparency was not like I wanted it to be. During my last workshops in Tatra Mountains we had beautiful weather and finally I have the photo I’m satisfied with.

August 11th 2013

I was on Iceland few weeks ago. This island is like heaven for photographers. Soon the whole gallery will be ready. I’m also about to prepare exhibition with photos taken during the expedition. I will write more about it soon, today the first picture.

August 4th 2013

It was a stormy weather during my last workshops. The light was very interesting and clouds created spectacular scenes. Although we had to wait longer for the perfect light, it was much better than in the sunny days. The photo below was taken during the first moment of the sunrise. I like these hours, when I can feel the tranquility and special relationship between me and the nature.

July 16th 2013

I’m preparing some new photos from my last trip. I hope to finish and add them here this month. Meanwhile one photo from Tatra Mountains that I have prepared recently for the competition.

June 16th 2013

When we think about Tuscany we think: green fields, yellow sunflowers, red poppies. Tuscany really is full of saturated colors. This region is also full of light, textures and emotions which can be seen better only when we pass over the intensive colors. I decided to prepare my gallery in black and white. I decided also to give up color photography for longer time. I feel that only through B&W I can show themes and projects that I have now in my mind.
Please enjoy the new Tuscany Gallery and visit my gallery soon to see more B&W pictures and projects.

June 14th 2013

Tuscany in spring is beautiful. There are not so many people, temperatures are not very high (this year especially). I spent a wonderful time there. Although Tuscany landscape seems to be not one of my favorite type (too many buildings and other objects everywhere) this region has something that fascinates me. Everything is so simple there. Houses made of stone, flowerpots, food, wine… From time to time you can see the horrible modern building, factory or electrical wires and it reminds you that it’s XXI century, but I tried not to see them through my camera. I felt like in old, B&W movie – with admiration for the slower life and beauty of nature. I felt like being in the past.

The whole gallery will be here at the end of this week – today the first picture.

May 20th 2013

I’m very often in the Tatra and the Pieniny Mountains. It’s popular destination of the individual workshops. I find this region really interesting. There are a lot of things to photograph, even if the weather is not very good. This picture was taken some time ago, at the beginning of the spring. If you are interested in my workshops (I’m running it in English or in Polish language) you can contact me to arrange the meeting.

May 9th 2013

I don’t often photograph animals, but during my last visit in a forest I found this viper (Vipera berus). I went there with my friends to take photos of the moor frogs (Rana arvalis). We didn’t find any moor frogs, but I’m satisfied with this photo of the viper. The animal is venomous. It is protected in Poland.

May 6th 2013

I have just finished working with the pictures I took during my last trip to Slovenia. This country is small and beautiful. I know it better and better every time I’m there, but there are still plenty of wonderful places to discover. Below you can see the photo of the Bled lake. More new photos from Slovenia in the Slovenia Gallery.

April 19th 2013

The results of the competition Photographer of the Year of Polish Nature Photographers Union in the Silesian Area were announced. My photo of the waterscape from Karkonoski National Park received the 1st prize in the ‘Experiment’ category. You can see the picture below. This photo was not published anywhere before. I received also: 2nd prize in ‘Plants, Fungi, Lichens’ category, 2nd prize in ‘Mammals’ category, 1st and 2nd prize in ‘World in our hands’ category and 2nd prize in ‘Photo Set’ category.

April 18th 2013

A few weeks ago some of my photos were used to advertise new Canon plotters during International Advertising and Printing Fairs in Warsaw. Here you can see one of the photo that was printed during the event.

March 14th 2013

My trip to Scotland took place last year. The weather was not very good – or maybe it was just typical for that region 🙂 Anyway I took some photos. You can find it in the new Scotland gallery. There are also some photos from the Northumberland and Cumbria (England). I’ve decided to name the gallery ‘Scotland’, as it was my main destination during that trip.

February 25th 2013

As you can see I have been working on the new webpage layout. That’s why I didn’t show you new photos and didn’t write new diary enties during last few weeks. I will make it up. I will start with the new gallery from Scotland. Today you can see my first photo – the whole gallery will be here on Thursday.