December 26th 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 15th 2011

It’s been more than a month since I added new photos on my webpage. It was caused by the exhibition I have been preparing. It took a lot of work and efforts but I’m very proud of the results. The opening took place two weeks ago in Katowice. I would like to thank everyone that helped us with the exhibition and thank everybody that have already been to the exhibition. Below there are some pictures from the openning taken by my friend Paweł. More photos you can find here:

November 21st 2011

I would like to invite you for the exhibition I’m preparing with my friend – photographer Janusz Wojcieszak. We took all the photos in the Dolomites. The opening will take place in Katowice 1st December 2011 and the exhibition will be available there until 8th January. Then we are going to show it in other cities. Here is the webpage of our exhibition:

October 29th 2011

It’s almost winter here so I would like to add some summer photos just to make you smile and remind you the sunny days. I took these photos in Zabnik Valley – the small nature reserve in Poland. This area is unique and very interesting. You can find a lot of protected spiecies there. I added 24 new photos from the Zabnik Valley to the Nature Gallery. Please enjoy!

October 26th 2011

I have recently planned a trip to Slovenia and I found some pictures from my first visit. This time (I have been there in January) I found more photos that – in my opinion – should be placed on my webpage. I added them to the Slovenia gallery. I’m about to prepare a new gallery with slovenian autumn photos, but today I would like to show you sixteen new winter photos.

October 22nd 2011

I would like to invite you for the exhibition “The Northern Lights” with some of my norwegian landscape photos. The exhibition takes place in Muza Art Cafe in Sosnowiec and it will be avaiable 20th October – 23rd November.

September 21st 2011

I’ve recently had some time to prepare a new gallery for the pictures I took this summer. I took these photos in Saxon Switzerland – beautiful region in Saxony, Germany. As I found on wiki pages, the name of this mountainous area first appeared in the letters of two Swiss students. For them the landscape was similar to Swiss Jura and they wrote about it using ‘Saxon Switzerland’ name. I found this place fascinating. However, I would like it even more without so many people 🙂 Saxony is very popular with rock climbers as well as with photographers 🙂

September 15th 2011

This summer I’ve spent some time on microphotography. I used my 25mm extension tube made by Canon very often and it was as good as I’d expected. Today I added these photos to the NATURE gallery – hope it will be interesting for you. The photos come from Italy, Corsica and Poland. Please enjoy 🙂

August 3rd 2011

I have just added a new gallery with pictures from my recent trip – SUMMER UMBRIA. I visited Italy because I’d wanted to see thousands of flowers that bloom at the same time – poppies and many others. It was amazing! I spent 5 days there – every day the weather was totally different. I was lucky because I was able to photograph mist in the morning and beautiful clouds during the day. It’s really impressive – enjoy!

July 14th 2011

During my summer journey I visited Corsica. I have been there before – almost three years ago. There is a gallery called AUTUMN CORSICA where you can find pictures from my first stay. In 2008 I wanted to see as many things as I could during three weeks I spent on the island. This time I had more time for walking, waiting for the light. I visited places where it is necessary to go few hours on foot. Although the first visit in any place makes me more creative – I’m also satisfied with the photos I took this year. I took a lot of pictures with typical Corsican objects – genuine bridges and towers. I took also cliffs that Corsica is famous for. Please, enjoy the pictures in the new SUMMER CORSICA gallery.

July 11th 2011

After a short break I’m back here to write about my photographic adventures. I spent the whole June taking photos in South Europe. I took a lot of pictures! June is a strange month for photographers. Even though days are very long we don’t have a lot of time for taking interesting photos. The light during the day is very bright and there are no shadows, no depth – so we have only moments to capture something unusual. On the other hand there are objects that are available only during the summer – flowers, insects. So I tried to take advantage of all that nature gave me during this month. I’m just about to prepare some new galleries, hope you will like it. I will add info in this diary as soon as I publish new photos in galleries. Now one picture with typical summer flower – poppy:

May 30th 2011

My recent work is now available in the following galleries: Tatra Mountains, Waterscapes and Nature. Visit also a brand new gallery with Moravian Pictures. Enjoy 🙂

May 23th 2011

I’ve recently decided to visit The Czech Republic – The Moravian Region. I was really astonished how beautiful it was there. Yellow colza fields were wonderful. I made a lot of photos. I will prepare a new gallery soon. Today I would like to show you one panoramic photo, just to stimulate your imagination 🙂

May 4th 2011

The spring in our forests is wonderful. There are thousands of flowers and green color more beautiful than any other season. I took photos of Anemone nemorosa L.(Zawilec gajowy) and Oxalis acetosella L. (Szczawik zajęczy)

April 28th 2011

I’ve recently spent some time in the Beskidy Mountains. The wind was extremely strong, so it wasn’t easy to take photos. I photographed waterscapes in the morning and then I was waiting for the sunset. I’m not sure if I had ever photographed with the wind as strong as on that day! But this particular photo has rewarded me all the difficulties.

April 26th 2011

My last visit to the Tatra Mountains (Slovakia). The weather conditions were changing all the time. I was watching forecast in my iPhone program and I was trying to find something interesting. I had to climb very high to finally get the view that inspired me. I really like the combination – mountains with snow and fields with plants below. You can see more similar pictures in the Umbria gallery. The Italian pictures were captured in Autumn – the Slovakian ones in the Spring.

April 17th 2011

At the beginning of the spring I visited Tatra Mountains National Park. I intended to photograph one of the most beautiful flower in the world, that blooms there only in March and April – Crocus scepusiensis. This plant is strictly protected in Poland. It took me two days to find a perfect place for this and then three hours in cold, wet grass to take some photos, but I’m really satisfied with them.

March 26th 2011

The results for the 2011 Photographer of The Year Competition in Polish Nature Photographers Union (Silesian Region) were announced. In this competition members of PNPU show their best pictures. Twelve of my photos received prizes in seven categories. I’m especially proud of my panoramic pictures – below one that received first prize. You will find more awarded photos in AWARDED Gallery.

March 6th 2011

A few weeks ago I’ve been to the Stolowe Moutains with my friends. We took some nice photos there. I really like this place and I would love to go there again in May or June. I manage to take the interesting photos in the Stone City, even if the weather is cloudy and there is no perfect light. I was really satisfied with my trip in November but I think this time I took even better photos. I hope you will like it as much as I do 🙂

You will find 36 new photos in the Stolowe Mountains Gallery. Enjoy!

February 7th 2011

The weather outside is terrible, so I had some time to prepare new galleries. First one is from the Tatra Mountains and second one from Slovenia. Enjoy!

January 15th – 19th 2011

Last week I was in Slovenia on Winter Workshop with Guy Edwards and Marko Trebusak. Slovenia is beautiful! It is small country, but there are many possibilities for landscape photographers. The weather was wonderful all the time and I made a lot of photos that I’m really satisfied with.

January 6th 2011

On Thursday I was in Tatra Mountains for one day photo trip. The weather conditions were different every 15 minutes. So I was driving through Poland and Slovakia and looked for a perfect light. I took some photos during the day. Then I was waiting for the sunset, but it was quite disappointing.

November 15th 2010

It was my first visit to the Stone City in the Czech Republic. I’d read a lot about this place, but I’d never been there before. Seeing stones and red rivers with my own eyes was far beyond my expectations. The weather was rather cloudy and wet. It wasn’t tipical “landscape” weather. But it was exactly what I needed for the shoots I was planning to do. Unfortunately after 10 o’clock there were too many tourists around, so I had to finish my shooting quite early.

See more in Stolowe Mountains gallery.

October 24th 2010

At the end of October I attended the outdoor photography trip into Pieniny Mountains. I’d analyzed the weather forecast and expected misty and sunny days. I was right. I took some of my photos from Three Crowns peak, which I climbed twice: during sunset and then in the morning during sunrise. The morning climbing was a real challenge – I had to start at 4 o’clock. When I reached the peak I was really tired and sweaty. It was very windy, so first I had to wait behind the rocks to get dry. Also because of the strong wind I had to hold on my tripod tight while taking photos.

September 27th 2010

The results for The Photographer of The Year competition of International Federation of Wildlife Photography (IFWP) were announced in October 2010 in the Czech Republic. I was very proud to receive the First Award in the Landscape category.